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Chapel of the Relics of the Passion

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Chapel of the Relics of the Passion
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The Chapel of the Relics of the Passion, also called the "Sanctuary of the Cross" by pope John Paul II, is located to the north of the main church.

A few stairs, in the lower portion of image, lead up to a "Vestibule" that contains precious shrines/relics.  The faithful believe that these include: 3 pieces of the True Cross, a nail used to crucify Jesus, two thorns from His crown, and the plaque titulus) that was placed on the cross mentioning "Jesus, King of the Jews" in Hebrew, Latin, and Greek and the finger of Saint Thomas (the good robber who died on a cross with Jesus).

The refurbishing of the chapel was completed in 1952—it was planned by Corrado Mezzano.