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Main Altar

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Main Altar
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View of the main altar of the church of San Paolo alle Tre Fontane.  Behind the altar is a picture of the execution of Saint Paul.

To the right of the main altar is one of three large niches that are built over the three springs.  The three springs were shut down in 1950 due to water contamination.

According to tradition, it was here that the Apostle Paul was executed June 29, 67.  The tradition indicates that he was beheaded and that his head bounced on the ground three times and three fountains sprang from the ground where the head bounced.

The current church was built in 1599.  An earlier church was built here in the 5th century A.D.  A monastic community was established here in 641.  St. Bernard stayed here during his time in Rome—1138–40.  The Abby contains three churches.