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Theater 2

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Theater 2
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View looking west at the Theater in Syracuse.  It was originally built in the fifth–century B.C. and was refurbished in the third–century B.C. and in the Roman Period.  Much of the seating area is carved out of the Temenite Hill.  Theaters that were originally built in the Greek Period are slightly larger than a half circle and are typically built into a hillside—as is this theater.

The cavea had a diameter of  452 feet, one of the largest in the Greek world, and originally had 67 rows of seating, mostly cut into the living rock, and divided into nine sectors (cunei) by access stairs. A pathway (diazoma) runs around the theatre halfway up the cavea, dividing it in two.

In the far upper right is a rock–scarp into which the Grotta del Ninfeo was carved.

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