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Water Tank and Lares

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Water Tank and Lares
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Photo Comments

View looking at the northwestern corner of the garden.  In the far corner is a family worship shrine (lares) with much of its painting still intact.  Note the shell-shaped semi-dome and the gable "roof."

In the center of the image is a water tank that supplies the house and the garden.  On it is painted a mythological scene of Venus and Mars.

The House of the Ephebus is also known as the House of P. Cornelius Tages.  It takes its name from a bronze statue of the ephebus that was found there.  It is located about seven blocks (insula) east of the Roman Forum.  It is a large "house" consisting of three houses that were merged into one!  Location: Regio (Region) I, Insula 7, Doors 10-12.