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Echo and Narcissus

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Echo and Narcissus
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A view of a fresco that is in a bedroom (cubiculum) that is near the atrium of the House of the Ephebe at Pompeii.  Seated on the left is Narcissus and standing on the right is Echo.  Echo is trying to entice Narcissus, but he is not looking at her but instead at his own reflection in the water!

The mountain nymph Echo fell in love with Narcissus.  But Narcissus rejected her, instead he fell in love with his own reflection.  The upside-down head is that of the reflection of the head of Narcissus being reflected in water as he looks at it.

The House of the Ephebus is also known as the House of P. Cornelius Tages.  It takes its name from a bronze statue of the ephebus that was found there.  It is located about seven blocks (insula) east of the Roman Forum.  It is a large "house" consisting of three houses that were merged into one!  Location: Regio (Region) I, Insula 7, Doors 10-12.