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Interior 1

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Interior 1
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Photo Comments

View looking southeast at the prayer wall of the Blue Mosque.  The interior space measures 167 x 174 ft.  [51 x 53 m.] and is covered by a dome 141 ft. [43 m.] high.  Some of the 260 windows are visible in this image.

On the extreme left and right sides of the image, portions of two of the four huge fluted circular columns (“elephants legs”) that support the dome are visible.  Just to the right of center the tall sloped pulpit (minbar), from which the imam (head of the mosque) delivers his Friday sermon.

Just below and left of center a small tall niche in the wall is visible.  This is the “mihrab” and indicates the direction toward Mecca—the direction faced during prayers.  Also visible in the image are the chandeliers that support hundreds of lights.

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