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Salina Bay 2

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Salina Bay 2
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Photo Comments

View looking south-southwest into Salina Bay.  Mark Gatt believes that Paul's ship ran aground on a sand reef that is in the center of this bay—and broke apart there (Acts 27:41; text below).  This photo was taken approaching the sand bar on which Paul's ship may have run aground.

In the distance, just to the left of the green prow of the boat, is where San Pawl Milqi is located (see map below or here).  Possibly "Publius" lived or had an estate there (Acts 28:7-8).

Acts 27:27   But when the fourteenth night had come, as we were being driven about in the Adriatic Sea, about midnight the sailors began to surmise that they were approaching some land.  28 And they took soundings, and found it to be twenty fathoms; and a little farther on they took another sounding and found it to be fifteen fathoms.  29 And fearing that we might run aground somewhere on the rocks, they cast four anchors from the stern and wished for daybreak . . . . . 38 And when they had eaten enough, they began to lighten the ship by throwing out the wheat into the sea.  39 And when day came, they could not recognize the land; but they did observe a certain bay with a beach, and they resolved to drive the ship onto it if they could.  40 And casting off the anchors, they left them in the sea while at the same time they were loosening the ropes of the rudders, and hoisting the foresail to the wind, they were heading for the beach.  41 But striking a reef where two seas met, they ran the vessel aground; and the prow stuck fast and remained immovable, but the stern began to be broken up by the force of the waves. (NASB)