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Saint Paul's Bay No Beach

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Saint Paul
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View of the southwestern end of Saint Paul's Bay.  Note the rocky formations of the shoreline.

Acts 27:39 And when day came, they could not recognize the land; but they did observe a certain bay with a beach, and they resolved to drive the ship onto it if they could.

This bay would qualify as "they could not recognize the land"—for Alexandrian grain ships did not frequent this part of the island of Malta.  The captains of grain ships would have headed north for Sicily and the Straits of Messina before reaching the east end of Malta, or in some cases would have wintered in what today is the "Grand Harbor" of Valletta, Malta.

BUT, Saint Paul's Bay lacks sandy beaches, and thus would NOT qualify as  "a certain bay with a beach" and thus was probably not the place of the shipwreck.