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7 New Images

Samaria/Sebaste :: Interior of Grotto - Added 2/14/2018
Keywords: Grotto, Icons, Church, John The Baptist, Saint, Head, Samaria, Byzantine, Sebaste, Sebastia, Hill Country Of, Israel, ICSASA23
et-Tell/Bethsaida :: Road, Wall, Drain - Added 2/2/2018
Keywords: Road, Wall, Drain, Basalt, Gate Gates, Iron II Period, Old Testament, David, Absalom, Geshur, Bethsaida, et-Tell, Rami Arav, Sea of Galilee, North, Israel, INSGET20
Capernaum :: Synagogue Entrances - Added 2/1/2018
Keywords: Entrance, Entrances, Synagogue, Sea of Galilee, Israel, INSGCPNW10
Arbel Cliffs :: View SW - Added 1/29/2018
Keywords: Arbel Cliff Cliffs, Mount Nitai, Road, Horns of Hittim, Karnei Khitim, Pass, Sea of Galilee, North, Israel, INSGAR11
Spring of Harod :: Modern Pools - Added 1/26/2018
Keywords: Pools, Gideon, Judge, Judges, En Ein Harod, Harod Valley, North, Israel, INHVEH05
Harbor :: Nymphaeum Old - Added 1/25/2018
Keywords: Nymphaeum, Old, Caesarea Maritima, Herod Great, Sharon Plain, Central, Israel, ICSPCMPT21
Harbor :: Diagram of Harbor - Added 1/25/2018
Keywords: Diagram, Breakwater, Mole, Harbor Harbors, Port Ports, Caesarea Maritima, Herod Great, Sharon Plain, Central, Israel, ICSPCMPT20