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Hippodrome East Wall Seats

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Hippodrome East Wall Seats
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Photo Comments

View looking south down the eastern length of the 220 yrd. [244 m.] long hippodrome of Gerasa.

Note right (east) of center the 6 rows of reconstructed seats (in the sunlight)—of an original total of 16! The hippodrome could seat 10,000 to 15,000 spectators.

To the left (east) of the seats note the erect boom of a crane.  Just beyond it the Jordanians are reconstructing/reinforcing Hadrian’s Gate, the interior of which is partially visible among the scaffolding.

The starting area for chariot races was at the far (southern) end where there are 10 small and one large (all reconstructed) arches.

It is said that the 10 small arches were the stalls for 10 chariots while the larger central arch was where the dignitaries’ podium was located.

This image courtesy of Mark Connally.