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P/T Wall Construction

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P/T Wall Construction
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Photo Comments

View of one of the walls of the interior of the Late Bronze Age Palace/Temple.  A row of basalt slabs formed the base of the wall.  On the left side of the image original mud bricks are visible.  Above the center of the image modern mud bricks have been placed on top of the basalt slabs.  It is very possible that portions of  the wall were covered with cedar paneling.

Note also how the original basalt slabs have cracked once they were exposed to air after being excavated.

This type of wall construction is very similar to that found at Alalakh 215 miles [345 km.] north in Turkey.

Zuckerman, Sharon.  "Where is the Hazor Archive Buried?"  Biblical Archaeology Review, vol. 32, no. 2 (March/April, 2006):28–37.