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Main Panels

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Main Panels
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Photo Comments

View of the main panels of the third-century mosaic found in the triclinium of the elite house at Sepphoris.

The central scene depicts a drinking contest between Herakles and Dionysos.  Note the Saytr (a follower of Dionysus) in the center playing a double flute.  To the left of the satyr is Herakles holding a cup up to his mouth—his name in capital Greek letters above him.  For a detailed view see Here.

From the lower left, going in a counterclockwise direction are: a drinking scene with Dionysus in the center and possibly Ariadne reclining on a couch.  To the right of that the boy Dionysus being taught to ride a goat, and the marriage of Dionysus to Ariadne on the lower right.

On the right side is a procession with Dionysus riding in a chariot celebrating his conquest of India and above it another drunken scene.

Above the central scene is a small panel of "joy" and to the left of that the bathing of Dionysus at birth.

To the left of the central scene is a panel of gift bearers.

Convenient and helpful information on this mosaic can be found in:  Murphy-O'Connor, Jerome. The Holy Land: An Oxford Archaeological Guide From Earliest Times to 1700. Revised and expanded Fifth ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008, pp. 472-73.