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Audience Hall

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Audience Hall
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Photo Comments

View looking west at the foundation walls of the "Audience Hall" that is located north of the Peristyle Courtyard of the Promontory Palace.

Because of the two Latin inscriptions found here, it is believed that the Apostle Paul may have appeared before the Roman governors Felix and Festus and King Agrippa II here.  (Acts 23–26).  It does not seem too probable that he was kept in custody here for two years—why take up valuable palace space for a prisoner?!

The two Latin inscriptions that were found here are:

1.  A Latin inscription reads "O, good hope.  I came to this office.  I will be secure."  This inscription indicates that a Latin–speaking guard was in charge of the security of the building and the safety of the governor.

2.  Another Latin inscription reads "the fraternity of the Frumentarii.  Happiness for all."  The Frumentarius was an official in charge of police duties and prisoners.  The most famous of the latter was St. Paul.  Acts 23:35 "And he commanded him to be kept in 'Herod's Judgment Hall.'"