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Overview of Western Hill

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Overview of Western Hill
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Photo Comments

View looking north at an overview of the Western Hill of Second Temple Jerusalem.  In the upper left of the picture are the Three Towers (near today's Jaffa Gate) that were built by King Herod the Great to guard the northern approach to the hill and especially his palace.

In a clockwise movement, the outer, First Wall, runs from the lower right to the left and then north to the Three Towers.  Just this side of the Three Towers is the Palace that King Herod built.  To the right of the center notice where the designers placed the Theater.  Between the Theater and Herod's Palace the red-roofed buildings represent the residences of the elite upper class of Jerusalem.

Just left of the center of the image, The Pyramid Roofed structure may be an attempt to represent where the "Tomb of David" was located.