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Forum of Augustus Temple of Mars Ultor Model

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Forum of Augustus Temple of Mars Ultor Model
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Photo Comments

View looking north northeast at a model of the north end of the Forum of Augustus, and in particular the Temple of Mars Ultor in the center.

The roofed areas to the right and the left were covered Porticos and to the right and left of them are two semi-circular Exedrae.   The Porticos and Exedra served as meeting places both official and unofficial as well as courts of law.

The Forum itself as 410 ft. long 295 ft. wide.

This temple was built in fulfillment of a vow that Octavian (later "Augustus") made before winning the battle of Philippi in 42 B.C., where he defeated the assassins of his "father" Caesar—Cassius and Brutus.  The temple was dedicated in 2 B.C. when Augustus was named Pater Patriae.  This was one of the most important temples of the time.  It housed statues of deities, Emperors, the Imperial Family, elite citizens (108!), and Roman Commanders.

For additional information see CreatingHistory — The Form of Augustus and Wikipedia The Forum of Augustus.