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Forum of Peace 3

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Forum of Peace 3
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Photo Comments

View looking at the southwestern portion of the Forum/Garden of Peace.  The columns on the left outline where the southern portico was.

The large building in the upper center is the Curia—the Roman Senate House.          

Vespasian built the Temple of Peace and this Forum.  It was financed by spoils from the First Jewish Revolt (A.D. 66–70) and was inaugurated in A.D. 75 to commemorate the end of the civil wars that followed the death of Nero.  The "Forum" was actually a garden and the Temple of Peace and associated rooms and Porticos housed works of art, a library, and precious objects from the Temple of the Jew in Jerusalem—probably including the Menorah (or menorahs), Tables, and maybe Incense Altar.  These were on public display!