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Outer Ring of Cylindrical Core

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Outer Ring of Cylindrical Core
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Photo Comments

A view of the outer ring of the cylindrical core of the mausoleum, where urns of members of the royal family were deposited.  On the left, one of the large, tall, niches of this outer ring is visible.  These were the places where the urns of the family members were placed.  Of course, all of the area was originally faced with marble over the preserved Roman brick.

On the right is the major inner core composed of a thick cylindrical wall, but hollow on the inside.  This is where the urn of Augustus was placed.

Only the bottom third(!) of the lower portion of the "drum" is preserved—it used to be the highest portion of the mausoleum reading a height of 140 feet.  It supported a large bronze statue of Augustus on the top that was visible from the outside to all.