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Synagogue Apse

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Synagogue Apse
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Photo Comments

View looking south at the well–preserved apse of the recently (2009) discovered "synagogue" at Andriace.

The lighter colored stones were recently (2009) exposed by the excavator—Dr. Nevzat Çevik, from Akdeniz University.

The "apse" of the synagogue is on the south side, roughly the direction of Jerusalem—which is actually southeast of Andriace.  In the apse, note the vertical "window" that was filled in and in the foreground the plastic covered by gravel are probably preserving a well–preserved mosaic or tile floor.  The excavator believes that the synagogue was actually located in the upper floor of this two–story building.

The excavator has discovered several plaques that have carved on them (portions) of menoroth (menorah, seven branch candlestick)—clearly Jewish symbols.  The synagogue is said to date to the fourth or fifth century AD.

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For a detailed report on the excavations and inscriptions at Andriace see Nevzat Çevik, Özgü Çomezoglu, Hüseyin Sami Öztürk, and Inci Türkoglu, "A Unique Discovery in Lycia: The Ancient Synagogue at Andriake, Port of Myra."  Adalya XIII (2010), 335–66.