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Theater 2

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Theater 2
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Photo Comments

View looking west at the northwest corner of the Roman Theater at Xanthos.  On the lower right side of the image, the straight stone “wall” is the well–preserved stage.  Note the well–preserved doorway on the lower portion of the skene.  On the left, the curvature of the cavea with the seating and aisles of the theater is visible—the undulation of the seating area possibly caused by an earthquake.

The green semi–circular area in the lower center of the image is the orchestra area.  The arched parados (entrance) leads into it.  Note too the relatively high wall that outlines the orchestra.  This was added when the theater was turned into an amphitheater so that it was fit to hold gladiatorial and animal fights.

Towering over the theater on the west are the Harpy Tomb and the Lycian Sarcophagus.