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Antandros is a Greco- Roman City located on the north side of the Gulf of Adramytium about 19 mi. [31 km.] east of Assos and 19 mi. [31 km.] west of Adramytium (modern Edremit, Turkey).

Because of the nearby forests, it was famous throughout antiquity for shipbuilding.  It has been under excavation since the early 21st century by Turkish archaeologists.  One of the more significant finds is that of a Roman Villa, called the "Terrace House," that was built in the fourth century AD and continued in use through the sixth or seventh century AD.

The photos in this section are of that villa.  Many, but not all, of the pictures in this section were taken at a time when there was a torrential downpour, and thus there was a bit of leakage on to the mosaics at that time.

For the history and/or legends surrounding Antandros see the excavation website and conveniently Wikipedia.