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Photo Comments

A view of the remains of the theater at Nicea/Iznik that is located in the southeast quadrant of the city.

The semi-circular form of the theater is clearly visible as is the large "orchestra" area.  In the upper right of the image, where the people are standing, is the partially excavated stage area.  Note the foundation of seats in the upper left of the picture.  The marble/limestone coverings of the seats were robbed out in ancient times and used elsewhere.  Because of the lack of a hill, the seating area was built over a series of vaults and corridors.

It seems that it was constructed during the reign of the Roman Emperor Trajan (r. A.D. 98-117).  Some say the theater could hold 15,000 people, but it doesn't seem that large.  It had been filled with twenty-plus feet of debris before excavation.