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Theater Interior 2

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Theater Interior 2
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Photo Comments

View looking southeast at the interior of the theater. Note the semi–circular orchestra—with green grass.  In the left center of the image the four columns of the Imperial Tribune (royal seating) are visible. These re–erected columns supported a shade canopy. Also clearly visible are the staircases that separate the seating into "wedge–shape" sections (=cunei).

The large arched opening on the far side of the image is one of the entrances to the theater (parodos) that leads to the "belt" (diazoma) that rings the theater.

On the right side of the image are the remains of the stage area. In the orchestra area note the 5 ft. [1.5 m.] high wall that surrounds it. This was put in place by the Romans to protect the spectators from the wild beasts and gladiators that fought in the orchestra area!

Also note how the seating area exceeds 180 degrees — this is indicative that the theater, in–spite of Roman modifications, was built in the Greek (Hellenistic) Period.

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