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Bouleuterion 1

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Bouleuterion 1
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Photo Comments

View looking north into the Bouleuterion.  This was the chamber where the council (boule), elected by the citizens (the demos) of Priene, met.  Almost square in shape, it was 69 ft. long and 65 ft. wide [21 x 20 m.].  This is the best preserved structure at Priene.

Note the tiered (stepped) seating.  There were 10 rows on both the right and left (east and west) sides of the chamber, while in the back (north) there were 16 — note how the rows in the back of the image rise higher than those on the right or left.  The Bouleuterion could seat 640 people.  The whole assembly of Priene’s citizens would meet in the theater that served occasionally as the Ecclesiasterion.

These seats looked down on to the flat floor area where there was a marble altar that was decorated with bulls’ heads, wreaths, and busts of deities.  This altar, about 2.5 ft. [0.8 m.] high, is clearly visible in the image.

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