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Street & Drain

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Street & Drain
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Photo Comments

View looking west and down the street that descends from the agora to the eastern gate of Priene.  Note the drain that leads down the street — this was of course covered with paving slabs in ancient times.

This straight street is a good reminder that Priene was laid out in rectangular grid pattern in spite of the uneven hilly terrain.  This rectangular grid pattern is usually associated with the philosopher and city planer, Hippodamus, of nearby Miletus (died ca. 450 B.C.) — and is called the Hippodamian city plan.  Priene reflects his “ideal” city plan where by the streets are oriented to the cardinal points of the compass.


If you look carefully (at a large version of this image) on the left (south) side of the street near the top of the image three steps intrude into the street.  These steps led into the synagogue of Priene.


For a brief description of Priene and a map Click Here.