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Beautiful Artemis

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Beautiful Artemis
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Photo Comments

View of the "Beautiful Artemis" (Roman Diana) found in the Prytaneion at Ephesus. The statue is 5.7 ft. [1.7 m.] high! It dates to the second century A.D.

Artemis was the chief deity of Ephesus and her temple was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World! This marble statue was probably clothed and may have worn jewelry.

In Greece, Artemis was considered to be the goddess of chastity and hunting and was the sister of Apollo. However, there is some debate as to her status in Asia Minor – in a place such as Ephesus. Some have suggested that at Ephesus she may have acquired some of the characteristics of an Asian fertility deity - Cybele.

The silversmiths who made small images of her that they sold to pilgrims instigated a riot for fear that the success of the preaching of Paul was cutting into their business (Acts 19:23-41).

Note the pair of animals at her base, her feet, and above them, the animal representations on her "dress."

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There are quite a few DIFFERENT representations of Artemis.  Type in "Artemis Statue" in the Search Window and click to view - this is very interesting!