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East Hall Narthex

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East Hall Narthex
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Photo Comments

A view, looking east, at the narrow narthex that is located at the south end of the East Hall.  The entrance to the East Hall is through the opening on the left—where the rope is.

Notice the cut stone floor and the remnants of marble facing on the walls.

In this room, the excavator found a Christogram and "the eyes of God" and because of these, he believes that this building was used for Christian gatherings.

The excavator believes that the original use of this structure was either for a dining room and/or a designated space for women.  [It may still have functioned as this, while also being a place where Christians gathered.

The "Peristyle House with Church" is located south of the Large/North Theater;  It seems to have been constructed in the 3rd-century AD and was destroyed in the earthquake during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Focas (AD 602-610).