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Photo Comments

A view looking northeast at the Prothesis, a room that is located at the east end of the south aisle, just south of the Synthronon.  In this room the Liturgy of the Preparation of the Elements for the Eucharist took place.  The floor of the Prothesis is slightly raised and is composed of variegated pieces of cut marble (opus sectile).

In the upper left portion of the image, a portion of the semi-circular synthronon is barely visible.

On the north side of the Synthronon is a similar room called the Diaconicon (not visible) where vestments, books, and objects were kept for the liturgy.   Together, they are called the Pastophoria.

The Basilica Church is located in the northeast section of the city.  According to a sign at the site (= excavator's view?), it was built during the reign of the Roman Emperor Constantine (d. AD 337).  It was destroyed by an earthquake during the reign of Focas (r. AD 602-610).  The church complex measures 150 x 125 feet and is bounded on all four sides by streets—thus it takes up one whole insula (city block) of Laodicea.