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Hercules Farnese of Perga

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Hercules Farnese of Perga
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Photo Comments

This beautiful second century A.D. statue of Hercules was found in the baths of Perge.  The Boston Museum of Fine Arts returned the top portion of the statue to Turkey in September 2011.  Prime Minister (now President) Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan personally brought the important portion to Turkey himself.  It has now been reunited with its body and is on display in the wonderful Antalya Museum.

Over 60 such statues are known and are called the "Hercules Farnese" (named after a famous Italian collection now housed in the Naples National Archaeological Museum).  This is a Roman copy of a bronze original.  Note the positioning of the head, arms, and legs, and especially the body muscles.  The skin of the conquered Nemean Lion flows down on his left side as it tumbles to the ground.

Below is the Hercules Farnese that is displayed in the Naples National Archaeological Museum.