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Trojan War Mosaic

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Trojan War Mosaic
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Photo Comments

View of the mosaic floor of the special building on the south side of the Western Colonnaded Street at Perga.  The central panel of this mosaic, surrounded by a guilloche, depicts a scene from the Trojan War where Agamemnon sacrifices his daughter Iphigenia.

The figures in the mosaic are named in Greek.  The winged deity in the center is Nephele who is transporting Iphigenia to "heaven." (usually, Artemis does this) To the left, there are three figures.  The middle one is Agamemnon and to his right is Odysseus.  On the right are Achilles and Ajax.

Compare the fresco of this scene that was found in the House of the Tragic Poet at Pompeii.