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Grand Harbor Detail Aerial

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Grand Harbor Detail Aerial
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Photo Comments

View from an airplane looking down on the Grand Harbor of Valletta.

The cruise ship on the right side of the image is docked in the major portion of the Grand Harbor.

On the left, there are a series of bays (the locals call them "creeks") that were (and are) used as docks.

Beginning in the lower right of the image a small portion of Dahla ta' Rinella is visible.  Progressing from lower right to upper left, the second (long) bay is the Dahla tal–Kalkara.  The narrow bay beyond it is where the modern small boat harbor is, and beyond that a bay that is used for repairing large vessels and oil rigs.

In the upper left of the image, the blue water is where the Marsa harbor was and remains from the Roman Period (NT Era) have been found there.

It is probable that the Alexandrian ship that Paul departed on after his three–month stay on the island set sail from one of these bays.

Acts 28:11 After three months we put out to sea in a ship that had wintered in the island. It was an Alexandrian ship with the figurehead of the twin gods Castor and Pollux.