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Synagogue Inscription

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 Synagogue Inscription
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Although no synagogue has been found in Corinth, this inscription seems to be the lintel of a doorway of an ancient synagogue. The inscription is crudely carved into a large limestone block. It was found on the Lechaion Road.

Written in Greek, it reads ". . . GOGE EBR . . ." = [SYNA]GOGE EBR[AION] — which can be translated as "Synagogue of the Hebrews [= Jews]." It probably dates to the fifth century A.D. and is evidence of a Jewish population in Corinth at that time. The book of Acts (18:4–17) gives evidence of Paul preaching in the synagogue of Corinth in his day and even mentions leaders of the synagogue such as Crispus and Sosthenes

Thus, this inscription, and the Menorah Relief give evidence of a Jewish population in Corinth — some of whom may have arrived after having been expelled from Rome during the reign of Claudius (Acts 18:1–4).

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