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The Tabernacle was the religious structure that Moses was commanded to build. Its description can be found in Exodus 25–30 and 35–40. It was composed of three parts: a courtyard (half the size of a football field), and a wooden framed tent that had two rooms—the Holy Place (containing the incense altar, the table for the showbread, and the menorah) and the Most Holy Place (Holy of Holies; containing the Ark of the Covenant).

The Tabernacle was a portable structure that could be carried from place to place. According to the biblical text, it was in use from the time of Moses until Solomon built his temple in the tenth century B.C.

This life-size near replica of the biblical Tabernacle was constructed under the supervision of Dr. Randall Smith and was located near Kibbutz Almog—at the northwest end of the Dead Sea.  It has been removed.

None of the images presented here are for commercial usage—you must contact Dr. Smith for such requests.