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Oct 2024 Exploring Biblcal Anatolia and Eastern Turkey

Greetings!  From October 4 to 14, 2024 Mary and I will be leading an 11-day trip to Türkiye during which time we will Explore Biblical Anatolia and Southeastern Türkiye, from Ankara to Haran.

We invite you to join us as we Explore Biblical Anatolia and Southeastern Turkey—from the Ankara area (the homeland of the Hittites) to Haran (the
homeland of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob). Along the way, we will visit the UNESCO “World Heritage Sites” of Hattusha (capital of the Hittites), Goreme National Park (Cappadocia where early Christianity flourished), and Gobekli Tepe (unique neolithic remains).  Included will be stops at Tarsus (home of Saul/Paul), Antioch (Acts 11), and Seleucia Piera (Saul, Barnabas, and John Mark set sail from here to begin the First Journey). The museums that we will visit exhibit some of the most outstanding mosaics from the Roman world. Along the way, I will be giving mini-lectures to compliment the commentary of our attentive, expert guide. We will enjoy excellent accommodations and meals. We will be visiting some of our favorite sites in Turkey that we have visited many times before, on private or university trips.  Please email me to receive a descriptive brochure!  I can be contacted at 2FootStepsTours+HLPExETurk@gmail.com

I will be giving mini-lectures along the way both on the bus and on the sites, drawing from my studies and from the 25+ trips that we have led to Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean.  We will relate what we are seeing to the Old and New Testaments and the Early Christian Church.  Thus, this is not a mere tour, but a hands-on experience as we study the Bible and its cultural and geographical setting!

Tour Dates and Cost:  October 4-14, 2024.  Cost: $3,990 per person in Double Occupancy; add $460 Single Room supplement; Includes airfare from New York to Istanbul and return from Istanbul to New York—and the internal flights from Istanbul to Ankara and from Urfa to Istanbul.  We are now accepting Registrations and Deposits for this trip.  If you wish to reserve a space, contact me.