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Piraeus Apollo

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Piraeus Apollo
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A view of the archaic-style bronze statue of the god Apollo that is based upon earlier versions of the Kouros style of the Archaic Period.  The bronze statue is 6.3 ft. [1.92 m.] tall.  The outstretched arms give it a sense of movement—something that the Kouroi of the Archaic Period did not exhibit (compare the Kouroi at Delphi).  The statue is complete, except for whatever was in its hands.

Ancient bronze statues are very rare(!!) because they were often melted down and the metal was recycled for industrial and/or military purposes.

For a description of this statue and its signivicance see Piraeus Apollo.

This statue, along with three others, was found in 1959 during building excavations in Piraeus.  They were found as a group and although deposited at the same time, they were crafted at different periods.  They were probably deposited in the first century B.C.