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Artemis B Back

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Artemis B Back
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Photo Comments

This bronze(!) statue of Artemis is smaller than life size— 5 ft. 1 in. [1.55 m.] tall.  It may have originally been from Delos.

In her right hand she held an offering bowl and in her left a bow (missing).  It dates to about 200 B.C.  The garment that she is wearing is called a peplos—the folds of which area clearly visible.  Note especially the quiver on her back—it has been reattached to the statue.

Her weight is resting on her left foot and her right leg is slightly flexed.  This statue, along with three others, was found in 1959 during building excavations in Piraeus.  They were found as a group and although deposited at the same time, they were crafted at different periods.  They were probably deposited in the first century B.C.

To the left of her is the statue of Athena.