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21) View Site Gates Of the Old City
Keywords: Gate Gates, Wall Walls, Jerusalem, Israel, Map Maps, Old City
22) View Site Gethsemane
Keywords: Gethsemane, Church All Nations, Jesus, Pray, Olive Tree Trees, Garden, Jesus, Judas, Betrayal, Church, Mount of Olives, Jerusalem
23) View Site Gihon Spring
Keywords: Gihon Spring Springs, Water System Systems, Old Testament, Jerusalem, Central, Israel, Map Maps
24) View Site Cave of Gethsemane (5 images)
Keywords: Grotto, Cave, Gethsemane, Garden, Jesus, Judas, Betrayal, Church, Mount of Olives, Jerusalem
25) View Site Daily Life
Keywords: Haram esh-Sharif, esh Sharif, Noble Sanctuary, Temple Mount, Jerusalem
26) View Site Hezekiah's Tunnel
Keywords: Hezekiah Hezekiah’s Tunnel Tunnels, Jerusalem, Gihon, Map Maps
27) View Site Spring 1967 at Institute of Holy Land Studies
Keywords: IHLS, Institute of Holy Land Studies, ScanCafe, JUC, Jerusalem University College, 1967, Six Day Days War, 55 Street of the Prophets
28) View Site Pools of Bethesda
Keywords: Invalid, Five Portico Porticos, Pool Pools of Bethesda, John 5, Jesus, Jerusalem, Israel, Map Maps
29) View Site Israel Museum
Keywords: Israel Museum, New City, West Jerusalem, Israel, Map Maps
30) View Site Golden Gate & East
Keywords: Israel, Central, Hill Country of Judah, Jerusalem, Old City, Golden Gate, Beautiful Gate, Gates, Umayyad, Caliph Abd al-Malik, James Jim Flemming, East Gate
Displaying: 21 - 30 of 809