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Jerusalem Churches

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Jerusalem Churches
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Photo Comments

On this image some of the Churches represented on the Jerusalem portion of the Madaba Map are labeled.  On this map, churches and other religious structures are generally portrayed with red roofs!

Pride of place goes to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, also known as “the Church of the Resurrection.”  This is represented just below the center of the image—but in an “upside down” perspective.  The church is entered off of the “Cardo” via a flight of stairs that lead to three (yellow) doors.  The yellow gable of the roof is visible, as is the red roof of the central basilica.  The yellow dome of the rotunda, over the tomb of Jesus is visible as is the “bell tower ” to the south of the church.

Beginning in the upper left, and working in a clockwise direction the Church of the Sheep Pool (John 5) is marked.  The Nea Church (Nea Theotokos — “New of the Mother of God”) built by the Emperor Justinian was dedicated on November 20, 542.  Foundations of this church have been found in the excavations in and near the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem.  Note yellow doors, gable, and red roof.

The Church of Hagia (holy) Zion was located on Mt. Zion.  This was an important church for it was associated with the ministry of the early apostles on Mt. Zion (Acts 12:12; Isaiah 2:1-5). Note yellow doors, gable, and red roof.  Nearby is the Church of the “House of Caiphas” that commemorated Jesus’ appearance before this High Priest and where Peter denied knowing Jesus three times (Matt 26:69–75; Mark 14:66–72; etc.).

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Image courtesy of Mark Connally.