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City Gate (MB II Period)

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City Gate (MB II Period)
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Photo Comments

View of a city gate located on the south side of Gezer that is dated to the Middle Bronze II Period (ca. 1650 B.C.). Gezer, along with this gate may have been destroyed by the Egyptian king Thutmose III in his first campaign in 1468 B.C.

Note the path that leads from the bottom of the image (outside the city) diagonally to the right of center of the image (inside the city). That gate was flanked on each side by three massive stones (the ones on the left are clearly visible) called "orthostats. " Above these stones a mud brick superstructure was constructed (clearly visible on the left side of the image) — note the alternating courses of light and dark colored mud brick.

To view the massive tower this connected to this gate via the city wall Click Here.

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