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City Wall (MB II Period)

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City Wall (MB II Period)
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Photo Comments

View looking north at the wall that protected Gezer during the Middle Bronze IIB–IIC period (some have suggested that this is the innermost of two walls — but his interpretation is disputed).  This would have been the wall defending the city when the Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III attacked it on his first campaign into Canaan in 1468 B.C.

Note the distinctive trenching method used by Dever to assist in his stratigraphic studies.  The sides of the trench are kept as smooth as possible so as to be able to “read” them — that is, to be able to look back at what one has dug through.  On the left (west) most side of the trench, note the various colors and textures of soils, as well as the protruding stones — remnants of walls that have been excavated away.


This “wall” is just west of the large MB II “tower.” Since it is of the same thickness as the tower (50 ft. [15.6 m.]), and is so close to it, one must wonder if it may not be a continuation of the tower itself.


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