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Photo Comments

Looking south, Aegean Sea in the background. The Theater at Assos was first constructed in the third century B.C. — the Hellenistic Period.  It is located about half way down the slope that descends from the acropolis (Temple of Athena) and the Agora to the Port on the Aegean Sea.

Clearly visible in the image is the seating (cavea) of the lower portion of the theater, along with the staircases, which divided the seating arrangement into wedge-shaped sections (cunei). The "orchestra" and the outline of the foundation of the later stage area are visible in the center of the image.  The portion of raised wall located at the foot of the seats (slightly below and left of center) is from a Roman refurbishing of the theater.

Greek theaters (like this one at Assos, in contrast to Roman ones) are usually slightly larger than a semi-circle. They typically command a beautiful view. This theater at Assos opens to the south, and over looks the Aegean Sea, with the island of Lesbos being situated in the distance.  Behind the orchestra area is the rectangular foundation of the two–storey stage (skene) that was built in the Roman Period.