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Basilica Preaching Platform

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Basilica Preaching Platform
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Photo Comments

View looking down at the Preaching Platform (ambo) that was discovered in the central nave of the Basilica Church.  From here, scripture was read and a homily was delivered.

The ambo is composed of a brick core that was faced with marble.  The reader/preacher would ascend and descend via the marble steps at each end of the structure.

The floor of the nave was covered with opus sectile—marble cut and placed in intricate patterns. Some of the flooring is still visible.

This church is located in the northeast section of the city.  According to a sign at the site (= excavator's view?), it was built during the reign of the Roman Emperor Constantine (d. AD 337).  It was destroyed by an earthquake during the reign of Focas (r. AD 602-610).