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Plancia Magna Statue

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Plancia Magna Statue
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Photo Comments

View of a statue of Plancia Magna a great benefactress of Perge. The statue is of marble and was found at Perge. It is 6.6 ft. [2 m.] high.

Plancia Magna was the daughter of the proconsul of Bithynia. She dedicated her life and her wealth to the beautification of the city [of Perge], undertaking large remodeling projects during Hadrian’s reign [A.D. 117-138]. She was "elevated to the rank of tutelary divinity of the city."

Note that she is wearing TWO garments.  Below her knees and partially covering her feet, the vertical folds of her inner chiton are visible.  The chiton was the most common Greek/Roman garments.  The outer garment, that is wrapped around her head, shoulders, and arms, and that hangs down to her knees, is a himation. On the top of her head are the remains of a priestly diadem - indicating that she functioned as a priestess of the imperial cult!

For an inscription that mentions her Click Here.