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Priestess of Artemis

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Priestess of Artemis
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Photo Comments

A statue of Aurelia Paulina, a priestess of Artemis, in marble that dates to the second century A.D. It is from Perge where Artemis was one of the main deities and is about 6 ft. [2 m.] high.  She is wearing a chiton that is tied above the waist — although given the mid–thigh draping this may actually be a stola, a Roman garment that is similar to a Greek chiton.  Note also the shawl that covers her head and shoulders.

Around her neck are  four necklaces that may be strings of precious stones.  And note especially the shell that hangs from her belt and the longer sash with fringe on its end.  Was the shell used in rituals?  It looks like she is wearing shoes, rather than sandals or being barefoot.


Compare the dress on the statue of Artemis as well as her flexed leg.